The Lifestyle

With space to breathe, unwind and relax, lead the
lifestyle that’s right for you.

The winner of the Millionaire Mansion will be able to unpack their
belongings and start enjoying a luxurious
lifestyle from day one.

Just imagine, with a Rolls Royce in the driveway, a stocked bar and wine
cellar, heated indoor pool, equipped gym and huge grounds to explore,
you will want for nothing.

The Millionaire Mansion is the ultimate family home,
the perfect West Country holiday house, the secret weekend retreat,
the sport lovers’ plaything or the party house to share magical moments with friends.
The choice is yours.

There is nothing stopping the winner enjoying the house,
with all the bills paid and staff on hand for a year,
and £50,000 as part of the prize,
and then selling it to cash in.

Or, this could become the property that stays in your family for generations.

The choice is yours.

(Cash Prize Alternative: At least £100,000 in cash if less than 500,000 tickets are sold)

Company number 11028385