Millionaire Mansion Fundraising FAQ’s

What is the opportunity?
Ogilvie Promotions would like to support your fundraising efforts by offering your club, charity or community organisation £2 from every ticket you sell in the Millionaire Mansion competition.

How does this work?
It is pretty simple, a representative from your organisation will need to register here  and a member of our team will do a due diligence check to ensure you are in fact a club, charity or community organisation. Once your organisation is registered you can then begin to add affiliates who will sell tickets on your behalf.

What are affiliates?
Affiliates are basically members of your club, charity or community organisation who will collect email addresses from potential entrants (this is how they sell tickets).

How do affiliates sell tickets?
Once you have added an affiliates email address they will then be sent a welcome email which they should open on their phone. The email will confirm that they are raising funds for your organisation and provide access to the web app, which can be saved to their phone. Affiliates then simply need to approach potential entrants and collect their name and email address and enter it into the app. This will then send the entrant an email confirming they will be supporting your organisation if they buy a ticket.

How can I tell who has bought a ticket?
As an organisation you will be able to view all the tickets your affiliates have sold and each affiliate will likewise be able to see each ticket that they have sold.

How do we get paid?
As the funds are held in escrow we have organised payments to be made in a fixed 3 monthly schedule. We will be in contact once you have set up your organisation to confirm the banking details for your payment. On the payment date we will send a statement of ticket sales and confirm the amount you will receive which should tally with your reporting.

If the tickets sold do not cover the cost of the prize, what will happen?
All monies earnt from the competition are held in an escrow account until the draw end date. We cannot touch them. If the competition does not sell enough tickets for the house to be the prize (500,000 ticket) the monies to pay the 100,000 cash prize, ten runners up prizes are already in the account.

It states that the draw can be cancelled at any time, what will happen to the funds raised already?
The family behind the competition will never cancel the competition, they started this to benefit charities close to them and will see it to the end. If forces beyond our control mean the competition has to be cancelled all entrants would be refunded or prizes, charities and affiliates paid out.

What if I have more questions?

Please get in touch with our team via [email protected] and we will do our best to help

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